31 day challenge to increase the amount of daily evangelism in our lives as Christ-followers.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 3

Jake & Adam
Person shared with: Gary
My relationship to them: Connected to HCBC thru PISD when looking for help
My experience sharing the Gospel: Several families from HCBC have served Gary and his family. We showed up at his apartment (which the Gurley RLG paid for) and took him to lunch. Jake shared thru the Gospel once. His response was vague. Adam shared his grace story and asked if he standing before God today why God should let him in. Basically he gave an answer that pointed to his goodness and works. Jake drilled back down on salvation, that it is only trusting in Jesus' death for your sins. Nothing else. Gary said he understood and was ready was accept Christ. He didn't know how to act upon faith. We led him in a prayer to receive Christ and he expressed his faith in Christ. Immediately he said he felt different. A weight was lifted. He wants to tell his daughter and his mom. He is going to begin Starting Point this Sunday. God is awesome.

Adam #2
Person I shared with: Marco
My Relationship with them: My next door neighbor
My experience in sharing: I was heading out to Blockbuster (very spiritual activity) and ran into Marco in the driveway as he was taking his trash out. He asked where I'd been the past couple weeks. I told him India and he asked what I was doing there. I told him, "We were visiting villages outside of the city and telling people this....God loves them, sin (like you and I have, Marco) keeps us from knowing God and leaves us separated from Him forever. It's a big deal. However, God loves the people of India (and you, Marco) so much that He died where we should have. Afterward He rose from death back to life and is able to forgive sin to all who trust in Him."
He didn't receive Christ and in all honesty I didn't ask him to. He was listening, but it was cold and he wanted to give me an update on his wife who is on dialisis. I walked back in and told Kendall that we need to have them over in the next week and share with both of them. I see some openness here!
By the way, that's twice today! Trying to make up for my 0/2 start.

Person shared with: Co-worker
My relationship to them: Co-worker
My experience sharing the Gospel: Today I shared with another co-worker. He grew up Catholic and later lutheran. He seemed to indicate that he was already saved, but I didnt really dig too deep.

Person shared with:
My relationship to them:
My experience sharing the Gospel:

Person shared with:
My relationship to them:
My experience sharing the Gospel:

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