31 day challenge to increase the amount of daily evangelism in our lives as Christ-followers.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2

Person shared with: I leveled down...again.
My relationship to them:
My experience sharing the Gospel: Back in the office today...trying to catch up on presenting the Gospel...


Person: Relative

My Experience Sharing: I shared the gospel via email with her and tried to be clear and not use religious language.

Person shared with: Man at the gym from Tamilnadu.
My relationship to them:
My experience sharing the Gospel:I shared my faith with a man at the gym on Tuesday. He was Indian. He is from Tamilnadu, southern most tip of India. Ends up he and his family are Christian. He told me 50% of Tamilnadu is Christian. So I would like to count this as one man shared with. I know James will say I must level down but I think I should at least maintain level for this effort.

Person shared with:
My relationship to them:
My experience sharing the Gospel:

Person shared with: Steve Clark
My relationship to them: He originally signed up for my Thursday morning RLG, but hasn't been coming
My experience sharing the Gospel: I knew Steve had a Mormon background and hadn't been involved in church in a long time so I set up lunch today to get to know him better and share the Gospel. Lunch went well. We really connected and he opened up about a bunch of stuff. I shared the Gospel, using the bridge illustration and "Do vs. Done." From the best I can tell, which is hard sometimes, I think he is a believer. He pointed to the time of his first daughter's birth as the time in his life when he put his faith in Christ. I asked him very pointedly if his belief is that Jesus exists or is that Jesus is the only way to have a reconciled relationship with God because of His death and resurrection. He said he believes that the only way to heaven is through Jesus and that he believes Jesus paid for his sins on the cross. We then talked for a while about how to help him grow and he is excited. He said he will be at our RLG on Thursday. Good stuff.

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